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Award-Winning Industrial and Product Design Studio

Award-Winning Industrial Designer

STIBŮREK DESIGN is an industrial design and engineering studio founded by Miroslav “Miroslavo” Stibůrek, an award-winning designer, artist, and entrepreneur of Czech descent. Although he was born in Czechoslovakia in 1987, he received a British education and was influenced by Spanish culture while residing in Barcelona, Spain, giving him a rich cultural and linguistic upbringing. He projects this experience and knowledge into his design work.

Miroslav’s design journey began in childhood when he enjoyed creating objects with his hands, including constructing small houses, knitting clothes, and drawing. He was also fascinated with the Technics Lego and asked for that every Christmas. 

“I remember wanting to be a designer when I was a kid and when people asked me.” he recalls. He has actively explored various design fields such as interior, architectural, digital, web, industrial, service, and business since he was 13 years old. However, industrial design emerged as his flagship expertise, for which he has received numerous international design awards and has been exhibited worldwide.

Stibůrek is an accomplished and talented designer and engineer who possesses the ability to invent new product ideas, design both the aesthetic, mechanical and electronic parts of a product and create it in a way that it’s mass-producible. His deep knowledge of sustainability is another aspect that he integrates into his work. He believes in formal as well as practical education, that is why he regularly collaborates with universities like Harvard Business School. 

As a professional, he has collaborated with inventors, startups, large businesses, and consultancies to design and develop their new product ideas and help overcome product design challenges. 

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