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Hire an industrial designer

Freelance Industrial Designer

When hiring an industrial designer, it’s important to know what is it you are looking for and whether an industrial designer is a person who will manage to realise your project.

What does an industrial designer do?

An industrial designer is a person who creates and designs products that are manufacturable through the means of mass production technologies. It’s both, a form of applied art and an engineering discipline. The designer has to use his knowledge of art, design, and engineering to come up with creative solutions to problems in all phases of the product design cycle.

Key skills of industrial designers

When it comes to hiring a designer, you should be looking for these key skills:

  • Ability to conceptualise through sketching and modelling
  • Developed sense for aesthetics
  • High level of technical knowledge and engineering
  • Knowledge of marketing, business and user experience
  • Ability to create realistic 3D models
  • Knowledge of prototyping and mass production

Collaborating with Miroslav

When you choose to collaborate with Miroslav, you will have the most complete designer at your side. With his experience, talent and determination, you can make the craziest ideas turn into reality. How can he help you?

  • Generate new ideas for products
  • Create design concepts
  • Build 3D models
  • Turn 3D models into fully functional prototypes
  • Prepare prototypes for mass production

Why Miroslav

  • 7 years of product design and development experience
  • Fully equipped 3D printing workshop
  • Recipient of multiple design awards for his excellence
  • Deep knowledge of aesthetics, engineering, and sustainability
  • Certified by Harvard Business School on matters of Sustainable Business Strategy
  • His designs are on the market
  • History of results and a line of very positive reviews

Let’s talk about your project